The Age of Genesis

Protus (“The Creator,” “The Autority,” “Primus”) was born when a single mote of Ether gained consciousness, coalesced and became sentient.

Once he existed, Protus began to take in the world around him, learning how Ether worked by manipulating, first in a rudimentary way – creating motes that stuck together for a time before coming apart – then in a more controlled way.

His first creation was Dalan (“All Mother”), who he created by allowing a mote of Ether to gain consciousness like he had. Despite having power equal to his, Protus told her that he was the Creator, and that she was his first creation. Together, they created the Celestial Chorus, or, as some know them, the Titans.

The Titans were created with less power than Protus and Dalan, but still powerful enough to shape Ether to their will. They could note create “awakened” life, because Protus had not given them that ability.

Still, The Titans experimented with their powers, creating planets and stars, trees, grass, bushes, animals, etc.

The Age of Genesis

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