The Ages

The Creators
Protus – the Creator
Dalan – the Mother

The Titans

The Age of Genesis – Protus is born from the Ether and claims a soul for himself. He awakens Dalan. Together, they create their children, the Titans.

The Age of Discord – The Titans create the Elves and Humans, but are jealous because they cannot directly grant their creations life. They rebel against Protus, storming his fortress to steal the Soulwell. They are defeated, but Dalan is killed. Protus banishes them from the Outer Realm to the Prime Material Plane. He retreats to his fortress and is not heard from again.

The Age of Creation – the Titans explore their new, limited powers. The Cycle of Souls is established.

The Age of Expansion – the mortals come into their own. Elves and Humans discover they can manipulate Ether to a very limited degree and magic is discovered.

The Age of Divinity – the Titans manipulate some humans to become Gods (hoping mortal control of Ether will allow them to overcome the limitations put in place by Protus). The 8 Gods are created. The Titans realize the Gods will not help them bend the rules.

The Fall – the Shivakan Cult discover the secret to awakening (becoming Gods) and begin to work toward creating a new God of their own. The Gods come together to stop them. A fierce battle ensues, where four of them are killed, two wounded, and the Shivakan proto-God is destroyed. In the process, the Titans cap Ether so no new mortals can draw from it. The power of Ether manipulation (and magic) is now genetic. The Gods’ power is significantly decreased and they withdraw to regroup.

The Age of Darkness – left without magic and with their gods seemingly vanished, mortals are forced to rediscover how to live in a cold, solitary world

The Age of Awakening – a mortal named Edric finds a way to journey to the Outer Realm. He seeks out and finds a brooding Protus and convinces him to return.

The Age of Runes – After discovering new magical powers, the Runelords gain dominance over the seven human empires. They discover a way to siphon power from the Soulwell and create Runewells, which can only create Sinspawn. The Runelords are eventually defeated when they are raided by a coalition of Elves, Vespians, and Dwarves. They are defeated and banished.


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